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The Trees Beyond the Grass

The Trees Beyond the Grass - Robert Reeves I did not like this book at all.

The only good thing was the promise the plot had. There just wasn't anything to like after that, and the only reason I kept on going was because I had the silly notion that I had to be missing something when the general consensus seemes to be that this is a decent, if not a great book.

Alas, I have myself to blame for trusting other people's judgement over my own.

What was so bad about this in my opinion?

For instance, the plot had no suspense (a severe lack for a thriller). The characters were flat, unrelatable and uninteresting. The dialogue was artificial and forced. The writing was chopped and overly explained. I don't understand why, for example, the author couldn't just say "'---,' Cole said and laughed." For some reason it had to be something like "'---,' Cole said. Cole and Ann laughed because that was their sense of humor." I mean, what? And don't get me started on "the relationship" between Cole and Cash. There was no relationship, yet there was huge emotional whiplash that came out of nowhere. Bah.

All in all, a painful read that I won't be recommending to anyone. Maybe as warning example of what happens when your editor either doesn't exist or simply doesn't have the heart to do their job.