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I love a great world with relatable characters who seem realistic, even if they are fantastical.

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How To Be a Normal Person

How To Be a Normal Person - T.J. Klune Silly, adorable, ridiculous, and funny. I laughed out loud on several occasions (and I also shed a tear or two.) Klune just has this way of writing that is incredibly real to me, even with a book such as this that's borderline absurd at points.

What is normal and why would you want to be that? Should you try to change yourself to better fit what you think other people want from you? Is it worth it to put your guard down and let other people in, even though you've been shattered by loss before?

This book had a nice approach to weed, even if drugs are not something I really want or need in my own personal life. Also, the romantic interest of the main character was asexual, which is something I've never come across in a book before.

Simply put - I loved this. Not the best Klune I've read, but I think I'm incapable of disliking anything he's written.