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Night Shift

Night Shift - Charlaine Harris Oh, man. I liked this series, I liked the reject characters from Harris' previous series, I liked the style, I generally just like the author's style. I was so hoping this last in the series would have been edgy and awesome and really satisfying considering it concludes the story of Midnight, at least for now, but no.

I was optimistic until the last quarter of the book, when Fiji started feeling more and more like a really predictable Mary Sue and not the interesting character I had taken her for until then. And the "climax" of the book, oh god, it was so gringe-worthy to me. I think I actually rolled my eyes. I'm so sad about this, I hope I hadn't read the third book and had left it at the second.

Four stars for the first three quarters of the book, two for the final one. So, have a grudging three out of five.