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Light - Nathan Burgoine This time around a rating of 3½ stars will be rounded down.

First off, I liked this book. I liked that the romance was sweet and not graphic, I liked that the characters involved were generally nice people who just klicked and there wasn't too much drama between them. It was nice. I made me aww at parts.

Secondly, the villain was well written. I hated him. I hated the bigoted hateful shit he was spewing and in several places I had a tough time reading through the things being said and thought and done. Because while there were telepathic and telekinetic abilities at play, the drivel being spouted was straight from present day society. Made me sick.

Now, if it was all so nice, why "just" three stars? Mainly because aside from the psychic abilities of the characters, there was nothing really original about this story. Even the plot twist was of the sort where I thought that was the logical thing to believe from the get go, and just felt like the main character was being a little slow on the uptake.

This was a good, quick read which was, admittedly, a lot heavier in subject matter than I expected, but nonetheless quite a light read. To use Goodreads' rating, I liked it, but I didn't really like ti.