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I love a great world with relatable characters who seem realistic, even if they are fantastical.

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Adulting 101

Adulting 101 - Lisa Henry I picked this up wanting to read something light, and funny, and a little bit sticky sweet. Got exactly what I asked for.

Edit: I had to come back to this "review", because I noticed I was still thinking of the characters. There really was a lot I enjoyed about this, I think pegging this as "just" fluff might take away from that.

I'll just list some of the things I liked:
- Best friends, one of whom is gay and the other straight
- No sexual tension between said friends
- Sweet yet flawed characters
- Parents who love their kid and only want the best for him
- Even when said parents and kid don't really know how to communicate with each other
- Relatable angst - I can still remember being nineteen, moving out to college and being ambushed by hysterical crying on my way to the flat hundreds of miles away from my childhood home