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I love a great world with relatable characters who seem realistic, even if they are fantastical.

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The Blinding Light

The Blinding Light - Renae Kaye Jan 3rd - My reading year has gotten off to a good start, so I think my next audiobook shall be of the guilty (but not really) pleasure variety. I'm also trying to be more inclusive in my reading choices this year, so I'm hoping disablity will be represented respectfully in this one."

Jan 4th - For some reason I can't stop listening to this, even though this is at points so korny and cringe-worthy it's painful. The "sexy" bits are more ridiculous than anything, but on the whole this isn't *bad*. Just a short and easy listen in between something a little more substantial. Also, Gregor and Patrick and enjoyable, Jake not so much.

Jan 5th - The book got to the "steamier" parts and yeah, I just can't. I have too many things I want to read (and listen to) for me to keep listening to a book that mainly just makes me cringe. The plot took a nose dive and this lacked having anything believable or enjoyable. Goodbye.