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We Are The Ants

We Are The Ants - Shaun David Hutchinson 4,5 stars

Thoroughly enjoyable. I don't have first hand experience of losing someone to suicide or of being in an abusive relationship, but I felt like this was a very good representation on what going through those things could be like. I especially thought that Henry and Marcus' relationship was portrayed very well. This is pretty much how I would imagine someone who stays with an abusive partner would justify the other's actions.

The main message I got out from this was that you have to save yourself if you want to survive, no one else can be happy for you. Just like you can't be the reason for someone else's happiness. I liked how there were no miracle cures, no "love concurs all" plot devices and how real it all felt. Life is ugly, and difficult, and often it'd be easier to just give up. But life is also beautiful, and amazing, and worth living.