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The Night Book

The Night Book - Richard Madeley 2 stars

A promising plot, shit execution.

The characters were ridiculously flat. What came to mind was someone describing characters to an amateur theater production and them portraying said characters in a over the top and see through manner.

The "romance" was absolutely fucking ridiculous, unbelievable, poorly described and uninspiring. The plot might have worked if Meriel's point of view had been completely axed and there had been at least some mystery to the story, but this was basically just boring, predictable diarrhea soup that I regret wasting my time on.

The only reason I kept reading was the fact that the one thing the author actually knew how to do (at times) was structure his chapters in a way that kept me waiting for something interesting to actually, finally happen.

I will most certainly not be reading anything else of Madeley's, and the main thing I'm taking away from this is that I will never take recommendations from anyone who five-starred this crap.