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I love a great world with relatable characters who seem realistic, even if they are fantastical.

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Want To Play? (Monkeewrench #1)

Want To Play? (Monkeewrench #1) - P.J. Tracy 3,75 stars

This was a relatively strange reading experience.

The plot was okay (although I pegged the killer from the fist hundred pages), the characters were good, if a little eye-rolly, the details were on the silly side (some of it can be blamed on the outdatedness of the book, some might have just been laziness in the research), and over all the same story has been told quite a few times in books and crime shows.

However, there was just something about the way the story was told, the mood and the pacing and just the general atmosphere, that it simply felt right to me. It felt cozy and comfortable and interesting and it made me want to read the sequel. I even read this on the buss, I was so keen on finishing, and I never read on the buss! (because I'm a big baby who gets motion sickness)

So I guess the final verdict would be: thoroughly enjoyable, if a little unoriginal.