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The Finder

The Finder - J.E. Lorin 2,25 stars

I didn't hate this book. I think even dislike would be going too far. But I didn't really like this either. The book as a whole was like a glass of room temperature water. You'll drink it if you're too lazy to get up for a refill, but you'd really prefer an ice cold bubbly one.

The reason I even finished this book was probably just the anticipation of the story picking up and a hope for a surprising twist. Then, when the killer was exactly who I thought it would be from the first mention of the character, and when even the relationship with the love interest only got lukewarm (no pun intended) at best, I was only reading to finish the damn thing and not have wasted hours on another DNF.

On the surface the story wasn't horrible or anything, but there was something about the writing that just didn't click for me. I generally don't prefer first person narration, but I can enjoy it if it's well done. In this one, the narration felt somehow emotionless and I had a really hard time empathizing with anything or anyone. It sort of felt like someone was recounting a memory they had no emotional connection to anymore, but they were still trying to tell you what they think they felt at the time.

Another thing that made this a poor choice for me was the romance. I just really didn't feel the chemistry between the main characters, even though I did appreciate the fact that the story focused more on the emotions instead of plain old lust. I think I would have enjoyed this more with out the sex scenes altogether, because those felt pretty flat.

So, nowhere near the worst thing I've ever read (not even the worst I've read this year) but I don't think I'll be picking up anything more from this author.